Your interventions and strategies are HUGELY helpful. It really helps being able to access the modules when I can find time. Really pleased to have found you.

Helen L.

I cannot say enough how helpful the first audio was with the volatile couple, as yesterday was my first session with a new couple and I found myself being a referee as they both attempted to talk over each other. The feedback that Sara shared both in the office hours and zoom call was helpful to allow me to set appropriate boundaries during the session. Looking forward to more skills and tools that Sara and other members will share.

Ruby Z.
2 years of experience

Sara’s academy has been a valuable forum for deepening my work with couples.  I benefit from her vast experience, as she shares tips, interventions, resources, perspective, and even monthly recordings of her own sessions with clients.  In two monthly meetings via Zoom, we are able to pick Sara’s brain, analyzing what works and what doesn’t when treating couples, and how to deal with even the most challenging cases.  Her expertise and mentorship are such a gift!

Sharon S.
10 years of experience

When you consider the cost of a professional consultation, the monthly content you'll receive with the Academy, in addition to two opportunities each month for live group consultation with Sara, the value can't be beat! There is nothing like this in our field.

Alison K.
13 years of experience

I have been searching for a space to support my integration of multiple therapeutic models and approaches in working with couples.  I have finally found it!  The Couple’s Academy is an invaluable resource for me to strengthen my skills and confidence as a couple’s therapist.  The materials and guidance from Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum assist me as I explore the complexity of each couple and the many factors influencing their current distress – to ultimately support each couple’s journey back to each other.  The support and collaboration from the other Academy’s participants has been so beneficial!  Thank you!

Michael V.
10 years in the mental health field, 7 years working with couples.

I just finished with a couple and they did great, probably because I was using much of what you’re teaching us. I continue to be blown away by the material you provide in each Module. Who would ever have guessed that I’d look forward to getting new couples rather than dreading it. I’m amazed at the quality of the information you’re sharing.

Robyn N.
28 years of experience