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Special Module

The audio you’re about to hear is a first session with a high-conflict couple. They’ve been married for 8 years, and have two young children. Prior to meeting with me, they filled out a questionnaire in which they stated that they are fighting quite a bit, and recently a neighbor called the police.

My primary goals in this first session are to assess their awareness of their own contribution to the fights, see if they’re each motivated to make some changes to their own approach to conflicts, and help them devise some strategies to contain the fights. I’m also introducing how I will function as the leader of our sessions, and get consent for me to interrupt them in order to keep the session on track, and enable them to have a different experience in therapy from what’s happening at home. I also help to set expectations so that they won’t be too demoralized by the difficulty they’ll likely experience when first trying out their new strategies at home.

With a high-conflict couple, establishing leadership early, and working with them to stabilize and learn to down-regulate themselves will be critical to the ongoing work. Until we’ve created some stability, they likely won’t feel safe enough to do deeper work.

Module One Audio: Session

The Lesson you are about to hear is about Theory integration. You can download the PDF of the lesson to follow along with the audio.

Lesson Four Audio  Section 1
Theory Integration

Lesson Four Section 1
Theory Integration PDF

You’ll hear two sessions in the beginning of a treatment with a young couple. The first session is about 56 minutes long and the second session is 40 minutes long.

Module Nine Audio: Session Part 1

Module Nine Audio: Session Part 2

This lesson is about Neuroscience and Couples Therapy.
Download the PDFs Neuroscience and Couples Therapy to follow along with the audio.

Lesson Nine Audio:
Neuroscience and Couples Therapy

Lesson Nine PDF:
Neuroscience and Couples Therapy