The Academy For Couples Therapists

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Audio of Sessions

Note: A big thank you goes to the brave couples who allowed me to tape them for the Academy! The length of the audios varies from 60 to 75 minutes.

  • Module 1: First Session with high conflict couple presenting with DV
  • Module 2: First session presenting with sexual desire discrepancy
  • Module 3: Couple on the brink of divorce
  • Module 4: Older couple married for decades
  • Module 5: Same couple as Module 3, Dealing with repair
  • Module 6: Long term couple regression
  • Module 7: Separated couple with trouble communicating
  • Module 8: First session after discovery of affair
  • Module 9: FOO with young couple
  • Module 10: Conflict avoidant couple who stopped having sex
  • Module 11: Going deeper with same couple as Module 6
  • Module 12: Progress in long term older couple, same as Module 3.

Audio of Lessons

  • Module 1: The therapist’s own framework: Your identity as a couple therapist
  • Module 2: The therapist’s own framework: Goals for first sessions, one size does not fit all in couple therapy. Assessing strength and resilience.
  • Module 3 The therapist’s own framework: Topics for psychoeducation. First stage of treatment. Assessment. Requesting feedback
  • Module 4: The Developmental framework
  • Module 5: The Systemic framework
  • Module 6: Narrative couple therapy
  • Module 7: The Gottman Method
  • Module 8: Emotionally Focused couple therapy
  • Module 9: Neuroscience and couple therapy
  • Module 10: Interventions for emotional regulation
  • Module 11: Intergenerational (Bowen) couple therapy
  • Module 12:  Psychodynamic couple therapy

List of tools and interventions

Note: these tools are in PDF form

  • Module 1-3: Questions to help therapists formulate their own framework
  • Module 4: Dialogue tool to help couples fight less
  • Module 5: Steps to a good apology
  • Module 6: The vulnerability cycle mapping
  • Module 7: Basic Couple Maintenance
  • Module 8: Feelings that Precede Ineffective Behaviors
  • Module 9: Neuroscience Explained: What every couple needs to know about the brain
  • Module 10: Tools for Emotional Regulation
  • Module 11: The interview exercise. The Fences exercise
  • Module 12: Three Memory exercise. The modified attachment interview