Advanced couples therapy training at an affordable rate.

An integrative approach.

When it comes to working with couples, one size does not fit all.

Feel more competent and gain more confidence with your couples cases.

Hear an experienced couples therapist conduct full sessions with real couples.

Gain access to tools and interventions to help you with difficult couples.

The Academy for Couples Therapists training is for you if:

  • You sometimes hope that some of your couples won't show up
  • You feel overwhelmed when couples fight during sessions
  • You find yourself losing empathy for one of the partners
  • Your clinical self-confidence flounders
  • You've learned about one model, but are finding it doesn't fit every client
  • You know you need more training, but you're not sure which way to turn
  • You have a lot of experience working with couples but still feel you could be more effective

I'm Sara Schwarzbaum, the founder of the Academy for Couples Therapists. My 12-Module training program will help you feel more competent and less confused about what to do in sessions with couples, so that you can become your colleagues’ go-to resource.

It may be hard to imagine right now that you could be the person other therapists call when they need to refer couples. But in time, by implementing your training with the Academy of Couples Therapists, you could become that go-to therapist.

See what current subscribers are saying about the Academy.

You'll hear entire sessions with real clients each month, including a couple on the brink of divorce, a couple talking about their sexual desire discrepancy, and an older couple struggling to figure out their future together. You’ll hear me helping couples navigate difficult conversations, or repairing past hurts. In addition, you’ll have access to one lesson each month focusing on well-known existing frameworks of couples therapy. You’ll read about the stages in the treatment process with couples and you will have access to important tools in the special Toolbox section of the site.

By becoming a subscriber to The Academy for Couples Therapists, each month you can:

  1. Have access to the audio of a full couples session.
  2. Participate in a 90-minute, live Q & A video conference where I will answer your questions about the session you heard. This session is recorded if you cannot attend live.
  3. Hear a monthly lesson about one therapy framework, plus practical tools, derived from that framework that you can implement right away. You’ll get one framework a month.
  4. Access a community of like-minded couples therapists on the journey to become more confident, and share tips, personal struggles, and professional wins.
  5. Participate in a one-hour Office Hour for additional support  The Office Hour is not recorded.

You’ll learn something new each month, without being overwhelmed by the amount of information.

The total listening time of the two monthly audios is only two hours long, so you will not be overwhelmed. You can listen on a desktop, a phone or a tablet. The monthly 90-minute zoom call is completely voluntary. You can attend live or watch the replay and some subscribers only listen to the audios of the session and/or the lesson. The interventions are delivered in PDF form. For a complete list of what's in the 12 Modules, click here.

Please join me during open registration and become a monthly subscriber at a rate that will never increase after you sign up.

The rate is just $99 per month. Or make one annual payment of $891.00, equal to $74.25 per month—much less than the price of one professional consultation session—for a savings of $297.00. So, if you pay for the entire year upfront, you’ll save three months.

You will be charged monthly, unless you choose to pay for the full year up front. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, I guarantee a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked. And you can cancel a monthly subscription any time.

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For Illinois Professionals: Continuing education credit co-sponsored by IMHCA. This program is recognized as providing 18 CE Clock Hours by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for LCPCs/LPCs, LCSWs/ LSWs, (IDFPR License #159-000650); LMFTs (IDFPR License # 168-000148); Lic Psychologists (IDFPR License #268.000009).

Institutional and private practice rates:

What you'll get from this couples therapy training program:

  • You will learn from my successes and mistakes.
  • You will hear me in actual, full sessions—not just short clips—and then you’ll have opportunities to ask me why I made the choices I did at each turn during the monthly recorded Zoom call.
  • You will learn what to say, what to do and when.
  • You’ll make informed decisions about which frameworks best suit you and are worthy of your investment of time and money for additional training.
  • You'll have access to the couples therapist toolbox.
  • You will join a supportive community of therapists.
  • You will feel more competent, and learn to tolerate the occasional feelings of incompetence even seasoned therapists experience.
  • You will no longer be afraid of working with difficult couples.

Here is what current subscribers are saying about the Academy for Couples Therapists training:

I cannot say enough how helpful the first audio was with the volatile couple, as yesterday was my first session with a new couple and I found myself being a referee as they both attempted to talk over each other. The feedback that Sara shared both in the office hours and zoom call was helpful to allow me to set appropriate boundaries during the session. Looking forward to more skills and tools that Sara and other members will share.

Ruby Z.
2 years of experience

Sara’s academy has been a valuable forum for deepening my work with couples.  I benefit from her vast experience, as she shares tips, interventions, resources, perspective, and even monthly recordings of her own sessions with clients.  In two monthly meetings via Zoom, we are able to pick Sara’s brain, analyzing what works and what doesn’t when treating couples, and how to deal with even the most challenging cases.  Her expertise and mentorship are such a gift!

Sharon S.
10 years of experience

When you consider the cost of a professional consultation, the monthly content you'll receive with the Academy, in addition to two opportunities each month for live group consultation with Sara, the value can't be beat! There is nothing like this in our field.

Alison K.
13 years of experience

I have been searching for a space to support my integration of multiple therapeutic models and approaches in working with couples.  I have finally found it!  The Couple’s Academy is an invaluable resource for me to strengthen my skills and confidence as a couple’s therapist.  The materials and guidance from Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum assist me as I explore the complexity of each couple and the many factors influencing their current distress – to ultimately support each couple’s journey back to each other.  The support and collaboration from the other Academy’s participants has been so beneficial!  Thank you!

Michael V.
10 years in the mental health field, 7 years working with couples.

I just finished with a couple and they did great, probably because I was using much of what you’re teaching us. I continue to be blown away by the material you provide in each Module. Who would ever have guessed that I’d look forward to getting new couples rather than dreading it. I’m amazed at the quality of the information you’re sharing.

Robyn N.
28 years of experience

For Illinois Professionals: Continuing education credit co-sponsored by IMHCA. This program is recognized as providing 18 CE Clock Hours by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for LCPCs/LPCs, LCSWs/ LSWs, (IDFPR License #159-000650); LMFTs (IDFPR License # 168-000148); Lic Psychologists (IDFPR License #268.000009).